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executive driver

 peter dance

with over 30 years experience

Travel in Style

Peter Dance Executive Driver

With over 30 years driving experience for a blue chip company, you can be assured of a professional and discreet service at all times. I have a vast knowledge of the UK’s cities, towns and transport infrastructure that ensures safe and efficient travel with the added comfort and surroundings of our Volkswagen Caravelle Executive vehicle.  


Effective Travel

More efficient and cost effective than rail, with a true door to door service.


Travel in style

Luxurious vehicle fitted with on board WiFi, electric charging points, centre table and leather interior to ensure a relaxing journey and comfortable working environment.


Airport Service

I service all UK airports and seaports to meet every individual customer requirement.


Spacious Vehicle

The Volkswagen Caravelle Executive provides more cabin space for passengers than a conventional car, which in turn provides more privacy and working space.


Work while you travel

The bespoke table and connectivity solutions create the perfect mobile office or board room for travelling executives.


Confidential & Discreet

Confidentiality agreements can be signed where needed.


Insured & Accredited driver

I am DBS Certified, registered under the Advanced Driver scheme, Road Craft trained and ROSPA accredited.


Experienced driver

I have driven high wealth individuals, celebrities and sports personalities for over 30 years and have tailored my service to meet their exacting requirements. Every passenger can be assured of my greatest level of service at all times.

Book For That Special Occasion


Whether it’s to travel to a special event, a sporting event, the theatre, or the airport for an unforgettable holiday, I can cater for your individual needs.

Working With Local Charities


Our chosen charity is The Primrose Hospice which provides an outstanding service to the community. We are privileged to provide their transport requirements where required.


 Let us be part of your special day by ensuring you get to the altar on time. Get in touch to discuss your bespoke Wedding Transport Package.


As an experienced Chauffeur, I take the health and safety of my clients very seriously. As such, I have adopted a protocol for cleaning and sanitising the vehicle to ensure maximum protection for passengers.  The measures taken are as follows:

  • A 5mm protective acrylic screen has been purposely crafted and installed in the vehicle to protect the passenger compartment from the driver’s area. (This screen can be left in or taken at at the passenger's discretion)

Prior to cleaning the vehicle, I clean my hands thoroughly before sanitising with an alcohol gel.

Antiseptic wipes are used to clean the interior door panel, all handles, windows, locks, door storage areas, cup holders, power cords, seats, exterior door handles, and any other areas that passengers may have had contact with. This cleaning protocol is implemented before every passenger enters the vehicle and after they leave.

Once the car has been fully sanitised, I wash my hands and re-apply sanitising gel.

There will be no shaking of hands when meeting and greeting passengers.

  • All passengers will be asked to complete ‘track and trace’ details to enable contact in the event of an emergency.
  • Passengers will be offered hand sanitising gel to use before entering the vehicle and when inside the vehicle.

The size of the vehicle means that safe distances can be maintained and will always be encouraged. Single passengers will be asked to sit behind the driver as experts recommend that is the safest place to sit.

Daily newspapers or magazines will not be offered while the crisis is ongoing.

  • Onboard refreshments will be offered but only from sealed bottles and remaining packets will be immediately removed.

Gloves and masks will be used by the driver and offered to passengers to use during the journey. Gloves will also be worn when loading luggage.

I make regular self health checks which include temperature readings to ensure I am not a carrier of the virus.  If I become aware that there may have been contact with an infected individual, I will immediately self-isolate, make contact with all passengers that have travelled with me in the prior 7 day period and withdraw from service.


You can be assured that you will arrive at your destination on time and in a relaxed manner in preparation for the day ahead.

customer testimonials

"I was associated with Peter for 5 years during my tenure as Chief Executive of IMI Plc. Peter is a skilled and efficient driver who consistently delivers safe and reliable transport even in a high pressure environment. He can be relied upon to be confidential in his dealings while maintaining a great sense of humour in even the most stressful situations. Peter regularly chaperoned international and high profile visitors and his great sense of humour made him an important part of a smooth running operation."

Mark Selway, Retired CEO of IMI PLC.

"Totally reliable and professional. I have used Pete for more than 15 years for every type of event imaginable. Board meetings, City presentations, airport drop-offs and collections, major sporting events, client entertaining and family trips. Pete never lets you down and often exceeds your expectations. I would wholeheartedly recommend Peter Dance Executive Driver. "

Iain Moore, Independent Business Consultant.

"Peter was always a capable and reliable professional driver who focused on delivering for his customer.” Roy Twite Chief Executive, IMI plc “Peter was one of the first people I met when joining IMI, and he was always professional, and personally committed to ensuring our road trips were well managed so we never had issues"

Gill MolesChief Executive, IMI plc.

"Peter was an exceptional driver from start to finish. He safely drove us from our home in the Cotswold to The Lake District for our getaway. He arrived in plenty of time, helping us with baggage and showing my partner and I how to operate the seats and all the facilities in the back (we even got free sweets!). Having the Perspex glass up made us feel at ease and safe during these difficult times. Peter also offered to wear a mask for the journey to put us more at ease if we felt necessary. The journey was smooth, comfortable and enjoyable. We can’t wait to travel with him again. Thank you so much Peter. "

J Crawford

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